Saturday, September 11, 2010

VIDEO: Fox’s Cavuto Interrupts Michelle Obama’s Speech to Call Her Husband a “Nobody”

Fux News spins more rhetoric propaganda in the most disgraceful way they can!

First, how beautiful does Michelle look? I can’t help but bring that up, and I usually don’t preface a post with such blatant gushitude, but she really looks all kinds of gorgeous.
But let’s get into Schmuckus Interruptus Cavuto’s cutting into one of the most touching, effective moments in her speech. She’s the first lady, you pig of a man. Did I say man? I meant douche. No matter who is speaking, barging in like an uncouth cave dweller is rude, period. But during a speech about one of the most painful moments in U.S. history? Unacceptable.
Second: Speaking of nobody’s…
Third: To then compound the insult by saying that Mrs. President Obama was married to a “nobody” makes me want to hurl things at my computer screen. See “Second”.
Finally: This is why I never, but never, watch ClusterFox.  Their nasty, offensive commentary influences their already susceptible, gullible viewers, which explains why we’re seeing that same behavior reflected all over town hall meetings, rallies, and Beck/Palin love fests.  What I’d give to cut a few ClusterFoxers off at the knees in the middle of one of their asinine, unintelligible broadcasts the way Cavuto did to Michelle Obama’s eloquent tribute.
Final Finally: The President and First Lady are, and always have been, about as “somebody” as you can get.

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