Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Political Halloween Cartoons Of 2010!

...And number 1 goes to.............

Fear is in the eye of the beholder or the ear of the tea-bagger. Republicans are dressing up early this Halloween. They're pretending to be human. They have a frightening Halloween crew; a wicked witch (O'Donnel), an evil doctor (Dr.Laura), a Tea Party Mad-hatter (Rand Paul), a megalomaniac dictator (Glenn Beck) and a screaming banshee (Sarah Palin). Have a happy Halloween, but after it's all over and the devil crawls back to Hell don't forget to vote Democrat or else we'll be stuck with these monsters destroying every part of the America we love! They may try to trick us but we'll treat ourselves to our democratic right to vote!

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Hard Facts Republican Voters Need To Know!

Incessant debating using Fox News facts seems to be a prerequisite during every election, or so it seems, but this time, just give them real facts and be done with it.

We’ve heard their concerns about the deficit, banks, the stimulus, tax cuts, the costs of health care reform, Social Security and the economy. Here are the answers, they think they know already.


1) President Obama tripled the deficit.
Reality: Bush’s last budget had a $1.416 trillion deficit. Obama’s first budget reduced that to $1.29 trillion.

2) President Obama raised taxes, which hurt the economy.
Reality: Obama cut taxes. 40% of the “stimulus” was wasted on tax cuts which only create debt, which is why it was so much less effective than it could have been.

3) President Obama bailed out the banks.
Reality: While many people conflate the “stimulus” with the bank bailouts, the bank bailouts were requested by President Bush and his Treasury Secretary, former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson. (Paulson also wanted the bailouts to be “non-reviewable by any court or any agency.”) The bailouts passed and began before the 2008 election of President Obama.
4) The stimulus didn’t work.
Reality: The stimulus worked, but was not enough. In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus raised employment by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million jobs.
5) Businesses will hire if they get tax cuts.
Reality: A business hires the right number of employees to meet demand. Having extra cash does not cause a business to hire, but a business that has a demand for what it does will find the money to hire. Businesses want customers, not tax cuts.

6) Health care reform costs $1 trillion.
Reality: The health care reform reduces government deficits by $138 billion.

7) Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, is “going broke,” people live longer, fewer workers per retiree, etc.
Reality: Social Security has run a surplus since it began, has a trust fund in the trillions, is completely sound for at least 25 more years and cannot legally borrow so cannot contribute to the deficit (compare that to the military budget!) Life expectancy is only longer because fewer babies die; people who reach 65 live about the same number of years as they used to.
8 ) Government spending takes money out of the economy.
Reality: Government is We, the People and the money it spends is on We, the People. Many people do not know that it is government that builds the roads, airports, ports, courts, schools and other things that are the soil in which business thrives. Many people think that all government spending is on “welfare” and “foreign aid” when that is only a small part of the government’s budget.

Next time you hear Uncle Bob or your neighbor pounce on these talking points with their Fox News morphed conclusions, just tell them the facts. It’s voting time and all bets are off. The lies are being twisted into bigger lies and the truth is hardly recognizable. Stick to the facts, then bring your neighbor or uncle with you to vote.

-Dead Press- Journalism that's not sold-out!

Boycott Gold's Gym!

Four Gold's Gyms franchises in the San Francisco Bay Area will leave the Gold's brand after 22 years following the revelation that the owner of Gold's gave $2 million to American Crossroads, the conservative jihadist organization known for their homophobic and racist campaigns. They're probably just compensating for their tiny man parts.

-Dead Press- Journalism that's not sold-out!