Monday, March 21, 2011

The Whole Picture

Fact: A robotic revolution happened a decade ago. Corporations have exploited this technology. Proof of it can be seen on the Discovery Channel series "How It's Made". Everything from applesauce to automobiles is made by robots. Count how many human workers you see on the show. Not very many.
Problem: Millions of people have lost jobs! The corporations know that the world is overpopulated and they no longer have any need for working men who need livable wages. If a corporation can't use a robot to do certain jobs then they move their factories to tax free third world countries where they can take advantage by way of wage slavery. Now the elitists behind the corporate machine want us to starve to death by taking away government provided social services.

There is a very important book by Edwin Black called War on the Weak. In it he discusses eugenics. It seems that none other than the good old USA started the ball rolling. Two foundations Rockefeller & Ford pushed their belief that some segments of our species deserve to survive and others don't. In view of the rapidly disappearing resources on this planet it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the losers: Katrina, the Tsunami, lack of AIDS money, Iwreck, all of the stans, Africa--which will receive the highest impact from climate change. In many statements Adolph Hitler credits the US-based foundations for pointing him in the right direction toward the embodiment of the eugenics ideology--elimination camps.

The Oligarchy of about 6000 men will divide what is remaining of the earth's provisions the rest will have to exist on what's left. Recall the movie "Escape from New York" by John Carpenter and you will have a vivid picture of just what the Oligarchs have in store for us. The New Austerity campaigns in Europe are the beginning. The too big to fail banksters have stolen our wages, loaned it back to us at exorbitant interest rates, gambled with those astronomical profits and lost then charged the borrowers--US--for their losses. They are no longer taxed, corporations are both non-human entities--watch BP wriggle out of their liabilities--and human entities, whenever it suits their bottom lines. Greece, France and England's citizenry are being forced to pay what the Oligarchs owe to the rest of us. Check out Iceland for a viable way out. I doubt if the Europeans allow for this impoverishment--they've seen it before. The USA is next. It will take a while but this country won't accept the "offer" either. Just remember...we have the superior numbers. By definition an Oligarchy means a FEW!

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