Thursday, April 15, 2010

Incorporeal Age

A great cultural change is coming. There is a substantial division on this planet. People are segregated throughout the world by Religion, government, sexual orientation and colors of  skin. We need to remove the differences between us. We need to realign our way of thinking. We need to remove the strong religious rifts. We need to remind ourselves that religion springs from the same source. Judaic, Islamic and Christian religions, all formed from The Old Testament, and yet we've slaughtered each-other for centuries in the name of the same God. Why? Because we've taken that common denominator and isolated it to create different power bases. Somehow we need to realign these religions. Religion for the sake of righteousness has lost it's cause for humanity by ways of bloodshed and hatred. They have become a hypocrisy of their own words. There are many people now, waking up to this realization, without loosing their faith.
I feel that we are going through the final stages of a very dark age, but I see glimmers of hope everywhere I look. I see people who are no longer willing to have their thoughts and their consciousness oppressed and controlled by others. The monolithic religions might have been instruments of liberation sometime in the past, they have become primarily tools of oppression and hold down the human spirit. I see everywhere around me, people breaking free and reaching out to bypass the monolithic religions and make their own contact with the spiritual realm. I see a new birth of human consciousness underway and when these things happen they happen very fast. All change is difficult. We will meet much resistance and fear, but as we move forward, many people's chains to the material plain will break. We are all connected to each-other and every one life effects the whole of us. Until we realize this, our lives will feel empty and cut short from one another. There are two forces at work. Everyone can sense the presence of these forces. One good and one evil. When you do something wrong you feel it in your gut. You have a weighing guilt on your conscience. When you do something good you feel it in your heart. You feel light and free in conscience. This (to me) is proof of intelligent design. If we are the result of natural selection and it's all about the strongest survives, then why do we care about others? When natural disasters, disease and starvation kills people, wouldn't we be happy that it leaves more for us survivors instead of sad for the loss of lives? Why do we rescue those in need if we are nothing more than evolved apes? Because we have a conscience of goodness and caring spirits within us. We are highly spiritual beings and we are on the verge of spiritual realization and transparency. We are entering the spiritual age. In 2013 you will still pay your bills and go to work, but I believe what our ancestors have been trying to tell else; That we all are spiritually connected. The significance of 2012 is the alignment of the sun to the center position of the Milky-way Galaxy, causing a door to open and exposing our spiritual connection to each-other and to all around us. It's not the end of the world but a beginning.
We have free will and this world is what WE make it!