Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Resurrection of Hope and Change!

"We also hoped for a chance to get beyond some of the old political divides - between Democrats and Republicans, Red states and Blue states - that had prevented us from making progress. Because although we are proud to be Democrats, we are prouder to be Americans - and we believed that no single party has a monopoly on wisdom." President Obama today
Notice the past tense. "We hoped." "We believed." are we done trying to please Republicans now? It's his comment Labor-day in Milwaukee that symbolizes the cutting of the leash; "They talk about me like a dog. That’s not in my prepared remarks, but it’s true.” Did Obama finally come to the realization that NO Republican was going to work with him? With all their talking points of "New Black Panthers", "Drill baby, drill" and "Anchor Babies", I can't see how anyone worried about the future of America would care what these crazy racist tea-baggers have to say! Maybe now we can see some real progressive action from the Obama administration.

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