Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Foreign Corporations Sponsor Republicans!

Courtesy of the Utility Workers Union of America

Its has now been reported by several sources that the Chamber of Commerce is using funds from foreign corporations to try to affect American politics and the November elections.

Wonder why foreign corporations would want to defeat Democrats in the US?

Top 10 Reasons Foreign Corporations Support Republicans:

to keep trade deals unfair to workers here and around the world
to continue to get good paying US manufacturing jobs offshored
to stop the development of green energy so that we continue to spend billions on Mideast oil
to continue to allow corporations like British Petroleum to exploit US natural resources and pollute our environment
to weaken US unions so they can treat parts of the US like the developing world
to keep the US buying imports from around the world rather than re-develop US manufacturing
to continue receiving secret technology such as that used in military arms manufacuting
to dismantle Social Security and turn the fund over to Wall St to be gambled with all over the world
to continue to allow US drug corporations to sell medicine developed here more cheaply in other countries than in the US
to continue economic treason
The Chamber of Commerce has bragged that it is spending 75 million to defeat Democrats but they won’t say where the money comes from. Now we know.

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