Friday, September 17, 2010

The Primary Psalm!

A Dead Peasant poem of primary perceptions:

The primaries made it quite clear
That our nation could lose all that’s dear.
The ballots are toted.
Republicans voted
For radicals that we all fear!

"They can’t get elected, you see
Our good folk won’t drink wingnut tea",
It’s just discontent
‘Cause folks can’t pay rent –
Like Germany in 1933.

I’ve been hearing some “general” spin
That these loons can not possibly win.
This assumption’s not sound.
We’re in trouble profound.
Civil War may happen again.

So liberals, put your party hats down,
Talk to everyone in your hometown.
Get busses loaded
Till everyones voted,
Don't give a single Tea-bagger a crown!

Make YOUR voice the loudest sound!

-Dead Press- Journalism that's not sold-out!

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