Friday, September 17, 2010

Oil Anonymous

AA, NA and many other 12 step programs have been very effective in helping addicts recover. America has a serious addiction to oil. Then shouldn't the next step be a plan for breaking that addiction? How about a "12-step plan"?

The plan could go on the AA model...

1)Admit that America is powerless over oil — and our position has become unmanageable.
2)Confess that if we are to have power, it must come from a sane, renewable source.
3)Decide to turn our national will toward a better, cleaner future for ourselves and our children.
4)Make a searching and fearless inventory of our energy options.
5)Admit the exact nature of our unsustainable energy policy.
6)Declare our nation entirely ready to commit to changing our ways.
7)Humbly acknowledge that we have made mistakes and false starts in the past.
8)Make a list of all the ways in which our policy continues to promote a failed position.
9)Take direct action, wherever possible, if those actions can reduce our demand for oil.
10)Continue to take inventory of our results and promptly change policies that aren't working.
11)Seek to improve our knowledge, policies, and actions in building a cleaner future.
12)As we enjoy the benefits of these decisions, to pass these benefits to others.

Or we might try something more pragmatic...

1)Admit that the United States is currently dependent on imported oil.
2)Educate the public that no amount of domestic drilling will significantly impact this demand.
3)Place a national, significant sales tax on oil that would immediately reduce our demand.
4)Channel all funds generated toward technologies that would break the link between oil and transportation.
5)Expand support for electric vehicles to bring these cars into reach of more consumers.
6)Provide additional funding for local and national rail travel and transport.
7)Implement strict new guidelines for oil consumption by large vehicles.
8)Provide additional investments in R & D for both battery and fuel cell development.
9)Provide funding that encourages reductions in commuting through mixed-use development.
10)Increase the cost of drilling leases to better reflect actual value of resources.
11)Announce a permanent ban on drilling at depths below 2,000'.
12)Promote the use of natural gas and ethanol as alternative transportation fuels until such time as electrical vehicles are broadly available.

It starts by admitting we have a problem! We need to start meetings and talk about it so that we might be able to move on with our lives in a cleaner and more sustainable future. Believe me, Dead Peasant know's 12 steps works!

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