Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Team Hate!

Hate does seem to be a pretty big deal for the Red Team. The GOP and all of its sundry followers/fans/enablers seems, now more than ever, to be defined by nothing other than who and what they hate. Start with Democrats, "liberals," "the Left" and work your way from there through every corner of American life and culture that tends not to vote Republican; gays, nonwhite immigrants, Muslims, non-Christians, the poor, organized labor, teachers, professors, lawyers, journalists, Hollywood, non-country musicians, Europe ...

But there's also a tendency on that team to talk an awful lot about what other people hate; "Liberals hate America!" "John Kerry hates the troops!" "Democrats hate capitalism!" "Obama hates white people!" That's why Beck's famous comment didn't bother me so much; I spent most of Bush's term hearing my right-wing friends (some of whom are now ex-friends) tell me that I had a "deep-seeded hatred" for something or other, because, you know, anyone who didn't worship Mr. Bush had a "deep-seeded hatred" of America, or the troops, or the military, or freedom, or democracy, or the Constitution, or capitalism, or Israel...

It's obvious to me why the Red Team is so wrong about the Blue Team, and everyone else who is not on the Red Team; they project the way they think onto us.

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