Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fox Special Report: I Know You Are But What Am I!

Fox News is (and has been) deploying reporters/pundits to distort the Facts on everything from Enron, to tax cuts, to national security, to Acorn, to 'New Black Panthers', to Anchor Babies; Fox News has used its reporters, anchormen and pundits to parrot the Bush administration's right-wing policies as if they were conventional wisdom or fact and it's only gotten worse since they've adopted their infantile tea party propaganda.

I'm bringing back to light some older "reports" as a reminder of the corruption for over a decade now. These pundits have nothing to offer our evolving civil society and they must be exposed for the liars they are!

FOX: ANCHOR MAN SAYS ENRON HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BUSH ENERGY POLICY: Despite the White House coordinating its energy policy with Enron's Ken Lay during the energy crisis, Brit Hume said Enron, "is not a scandal about the Bush energy policy." [ABC, 2/9/02; Fox anchor Brit Hume, 1/16/02]

FOX: REPORTER IGNORES POLLS, SAYS EVERYONE HAS TO AGREE TAX CUTS HELPED: Fox News correspondent Brian Wilson claimed, "A lot of people are doing their taxes right now and seeing the benefits of that kind of tax cuts that's in the system. Last time, everybody will have to agree, it did generate quite a little bump in the economy." He said this despite Fox News' own September 2003 poll showed that 61 percent of Americans believed tax cuts have not helped their families finances, and a January New York Times poll finding "fewer than one in five people said their tax burden had been eased." [Fox reporter Brian Wilson, 3/5/04; FOX Poll, 9/23-24; NY Times, 1/18/04]

FOX: HOST SAYS BUSH DID 'EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING': Despite questions about Bush's Iraq policy, Bill O'Reilly declared "Americans are looking for a strong leader. Mr. Bush has been that. And most Americans had emotion invested in him. He did exactly the right thing after 9/11." [Fox host Bill O'Reilly, 7/22/03]

FOX: ANCHOR SUGARCOATS IRAQ, OFFERS NO PROOF OF CLAIM: Despite burgeoning violence in Iraq and the Fox News Sunday host Tony Snow said Bush's Iraq policy "has created peaceful conditions in more than 90 percent of Iraq." He offered no source for his statistic= [Fox anchor Tony Snow, 10/14/03]

FOX: ANCHOR & REPORTER SPIN BUSH EDUCATION POLICY: Despite the prospect that Bush would propose reducing education funding, Fox's Jim Angle reported "Bush seems to see education reform as the next big front in the battle for Civil Rights. And of course, it will be the number-one priority once he takes office." When asked about Bush's clear plan to push for vouchers, Angle said, "Well, it's a mischaracterization, obviously, of his education plan." [Fox reporter Jim Angle, 1/15/01]

FOX: HANNITY SPEWS UNSUBSTANTIATED LIES ABOUT IRAQ: Fox's Sean Hannity claimed "We now have documents proving the connection between al Qaeda and Iraq but that's not enough to convince people. We had weapons dumped in the Euphrates. That's not enough to convince people." He produced no evidence of his assertions, and they have never been substantiated. [Fox host Sean Hannity, 4/28/03]

FOX: ANCHORMAN SUGARCOATS ANTI-UNION POLICIES: Chastising AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, Fox anchor Neil Cavuto claimed Republicans' anti-union agenda was acceptable because it represented "a view of individual worker spirits, a boundary-less type of environment where managers can talk directly to workers rather than through an intermediary like unions." [Fox anchor Neil Cavuto, 7/30/02]

FOX: REPORTER SAYS PUBLIC SUPPORTS RIGHT-WING ECONOMICS: While Fox News' own polling showed 69 percent of Americans thought the economy under Bush was either "fair" or "poor" in early 2002, and 68 percent in a Bloomberg poll felt that Bush's economic policies had made no difference on the economy or made it worse off, Carl Cameron reported, "Most polls show that the public prefers the Republican economic approach over that of Democrats." [Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll, 1/9-10/02; Bloomberg Poll, 1-13/02; Fox reporter Carl Cameron, 1/18/02]

I know this video is a bit dated but it came to mind the other night when I heard Jimmy Carter on the Daily Show say that the only political change since he was president is we have now suffered 20 years 24/7 Right-wing talk radio and the Fox News Republican propaganda machine. Carter made the point that where once conservative conspiratorial nitwits made up about 5% of our electorate, it's now up around 25% which means those seeking office must suck up to them to get elected.

It's a hard road defending Senator Tom Colburn who is the most conservative Christian Republican rabid Pro Life Talibanie in the Senate, but pointing out liars often makes strange bedfellows.

This is just one example of the lies the Fox Network shoves around each and every day.

Newshounds, Faux News and Media Matters all give us daily reports on the lies Fox tells us, which results in Fox News gaining more viewers, more share, more money, more coverage and more political power.

The answer of course is to go back to the Fairness Doctrine which was stomped out of existence by Ronald Reagan and company in 1987. It was only a few months later that a man who had made his mark on California radio by pushing the laugh and applause buttons while he read off the names of men who had died of AIDS, moved to New York and into syndication. Rush Limbaugh. And that is no lie. Laughed and applauded as he read the names of men who died of AIDS is what made him famous. Which makes him one of the most respected men in America and the nominal leader of the GOP. Four marriages, three divorces, no children, morphine addict and the spokesman for American Family Values. All about Rush Limbaugh

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